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NECR is an "event rental company", but our mission is much more. At NECR we look to redefine the expectations of a rental company. We understand that every event will probably need a trashcan and folding tables, but we don’t stop there. We do not believe that rentals is about a trashcan or a table, we believe that it is about telling a story.

Whether it is a few small pieces for a backyard wedding or a convention for thousands, each and every event at NECR emanates who our client truly is and what they can be. We believe that it is more important to build a holistic relationship than to try to be the biggest, the loudest or the cheapest.

We are fueled by innovation and by finding solutions to problems before our clients even realize that they have one. We do not try to reinvent the wheel, but rather turn the wheel into an automobile.

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Alchemy Collection

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