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  • How Do You Like Your Napkin Folded?

    Always using the same technique to fold your napkins?
    Here are three fun & unique ways to help you move away from the basics and spice up your table setting.
    Why not switch it up for a fun summer event!

    NECR | 2014 Summer Napkin Fold

    NECR | 2014 Summer Napkin Fold

    NECR | 2014 Summer Napkin Fold

    Which napkin fold is your favorite?

  • Kick Off the 4th of July With #NECRentals!


    You're probably preparing for your 4th of July parties and barbecues right now...
    But aside from choosing what kind of condiment you want to buy for those hotdogs, lets talk decor!
    NECR is here to help you out!

    4th of July infographic 2

    Got any tips or tricks of your own?
    Feel free to share them with us by using the hashtag #NECRentals on Twitter or Facebook!

    Did you know that...


    Just thought we'd add some fun facts to celebrate the 4th of July!

    ~Other places you can find us~

  • Those Golden Moments that Inspired the Aurum Collection

    NECR's Aurum Collection Inspired by Jess' Story

    "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

    Our inspiration for our newest line of products, the Aurum Collection, was inspired by those moments when true friendship surrounds you. Those golden moments when you know that you have people who are there for you no matter what.

    It was really early for a Saturday, maybe 7:00 am? I heard the front door close, but wrote it off as my cousin going out for a walk.
    As I attempted to roll over, not an easy task at 8 months pregnant, I was wondering how she found the motivation
    as she had just flown out from Colorado the night before for my upcoming baby shower on Sunday.
    My husband awakened by the noise said he'd get up and make some coffee. As I started drifting back to sleep I
    heard someone walk in the bedroom and then my cousin whisper, “You have a visitor."
    I looked up, taking me a second to focus as one of my dearest friends walked in behind her.
    She had taken a red-eye from Arizona just so she could be there. I burst into tears; she had told me she couldn't make it.
    I hadn't asked her to try, I knew it was too much, and yet there she stood.
    Both girls combined had flown almost 6,000 miles for a weekend just so I knew how much they loved and supported me.
    In that moment, as I somehow leapt out of bed to hug her, tears of happiness streaming down my face,
    I realized how blessed I was with such amazing and generous people in my life.

    - Jess

    Stories like these show that true friendship is golden. These are the kinds of moments that inspired us to create the Aurum Collection. Check out some of our Aurum products here! 

    NECR's Aurum Collection_____________


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  • The Small Details that Inspired the Accent Collection

    Its that moment, Claire's Story, Versailles Collection, NECR

    Standing out is what makes us different and unique from the rest. It's the small things that matter the most. Our Accent Collection was inspired by those intricate details that help create lasting memories.

    "After a long night of tinkering and toiling in a sea of petals and ribbon, a bouquet we’ve loved and labored over, chosen just the right petals for, some grown with love in our own soil…was placed into a beautiful bride’s hands. Her eyes welled with happiness and in that moment, taking her bouquet while dressed in lace, everything came together. For us this fleeting pause is a reminder that these blooms are just a small piece of an incredible day that is the start of a lifetime, and we feel pure joy and love each and every time to be a part of it."

    - Navya Kelly

    Like Navya's story, our Accent Collection is inspired by the delicate details that are just enough to tell your story to everyone else.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Accent Collection



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  • Those Unforgettable Moments That Inspired the Versailles Collection

    Its that moment, Claire's Story, Versailles Collection, NECR

    Ever have one of those moments that just takes your breath away? Our Versailles Collection was inspired by grand and spectacular moments that will forever be remembered. Moments that just leave you completely speechless.

    I knew going to France was going to be one of the best experiences of my life.
    Just like the movies, I thought I was going to find my perfect soulmate
    and we would get married at the top of the Eiffel Tower and eat French Macarons all day.
    However, once I was able to travel around France,
    I was able to see how beautiful this place really was. Life around me was different.
    There was a different air about France. A feeling that made me realize the idea of "love" is formed in many ways.
    Everything was almost seen as romantic without being cliché.
    Walking into the Palace of Versailles was the most breathtaking moments of my life.
    I never thought I would be able to experience something so grand.
    I felt as though Marie Antoinette would be around the corner at any moment, it all felt so real.
    The furniture, the dresses, everything gave me the goosebumps. I felt like a queen gliding through the halls.
    I'll never forget it.

    -Claire Madison

    Claire's story reminds us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds our lives each day. The Versailles Collection was built off of the beauty of French architecture combined with those inspiring moments that can never be replaced, both of which can undoubtedly take your breath away.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Versailles Collection



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  • The Passion that Inspired the Hand-Crafted Collection

    Its that moment, Michael's Story, Geometric Collection, NECR

    The inspiration behind our Hand-Crafted Collection originates from those rare, unforgettable moments when passion and creativity come together to create something incredible. Those special moments when vibrant energy surrounds personal success.

    My heart was racing as I stepped on the stage at the All Asia Café in Cambridge, my band was about to play in front of a huge crowd of people that actually paid to see us. Suddenly, I heard the four clicks from our drummer counting us in, and my nervousness evaporated. Just after our intro song ended, the crowd erupted, singing the lyrics to our second song. It was in that moment, a wave of chills swept over my whole body. My amplified voice was drowned out by the sound of people singing lyrics that I wrote, and their incredible energy pulled me right of the stage and into the middle of them. I finished the song surrounded by friends and strangers, and feeling this immense connection to every one of them.

    - Michael Hegarty

    It's moments like Michaels that helped inspire the Hand-Crafted Collection where you will find personally handcrafted pieces that will help create your own extraordinary moment.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Hand-Crafted Collection



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  • British Architecture That Inspired The Geometric Collection

    Its that moment, Sammi's Story, Geometric Collection, NECR

    When new things come, the old tends to be pushed out. However, we found a way to mold the two concepts together with the help of our Geometric Collection. Being adventurous and trying new ideas is what makes innovation. Be bold, be structured, be brilliant.

    A few years ago I sat down with my mom one night and talked about a last minute trip to London.
    I had never been, but I was always fascinated with the culture, (and cute British boys of course!)
    We agreed to make a mother-daughter trip out of it. I was never interested in history or sight-seeing really...
    I was more interested in the fashion and just being THERE. I was actually surprised at how beautiful London was.
    Aside from the smelly red telephone booths that tourists (including myself) would pose in front of, I felt like I was in a magical place.
    The art, buildings, architecture, it was all so stunning. Structurally, everything was so different, yet it all fit in place.
    I fell in love with London. Side by side, the old fit with the new.
    To experience something like that with my mom, it was absolutely perfect.

    Art comes in many different forms. We tend to look for one style over the other. With stylish and structured pieces from our Geometric Collection, you can have the best of both worlds! This is the time to celebrate the old with the new!

    Click here to start building your piece of art.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Geometric Collection



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  • Legendary Women, With Legendary Style

    Last month, we had the honor of co-sponsoring the after party for the Lady Project Summit in Providence along with the insanely talented ladies from Champagne and Ink!  We were absolutely blown away after this mellow yellow venue transform into a high-energy, futuristic, Aztec-inspired after party!! (did we mention they are talented AND creative?!)

    Champagne and Ink | NECR

    Not only were we excited to support a cause dedicated to female empowerment, but we loved, loved, LOVED seeing some of our items get put to use in such brilliantly creative and vibrant ways!! Our personal favorite, you ask?? Seeing our Corrugated Metal Bar, moonlighting as a DJ booth! Congrats to the women of Champagne & Ink on a hugely successful night - we couldn't be more proud to have been a part of it.


    NECR Corrugated Bar at The Lady Project Summit


    To read more, check out the wrap up post on Champagne and Ink's blog here

  • The City Love That Inspired The Black & White Collection

    Its that moment, Susan's Story, Black & White Collection, NECR

    Ever wonder what it's like to experience that city love? The one where it feels like it just came out of a black & white movie? Audrey Hepburn would play you and your love interest unexpectedly sweeps you off your feet. Our Black & White Collection is inspired by the happy endings that never made it to the movie screen.

    It all started innocently enough one winter evening in New York City. Two friends decided to go to
    a Knicks basketball game together. We had a gourmet dinner of Ranch chicken sandwiches
    in our seats and had the best time. It’s funny, but it was really the first time we were alone together,
    even in an arena of 20,000 people. I honestly don’t remember who won the game.
    We left Madison Square Garden and it had started to snow so the next thing you know
    we were having a crazy snowball fight on the street. And Jim said to me afterward that he looked
    at me in the streetlight and everything changed at that very moment.
    He just realized that he was in love with me…. and the rest is history….
    -Susan Caruso

    When the end credits start rolling and the feeling of love continues to consume you, that's when you know it's real. There is never an ending to your love story and it continues to grow. The Black & White Collection consists of classic, elegant, black & white pieces that will help build and create your love story.

    Click here to let us help you tell your story.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Black & White Collection



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  • The Unexpected that Inspired the Classics With A Twist Collection

    Its that moment, Amanda's Story, Classics With A Twist Collection, NECR

    We hope you have enjoyed the journey and the touching stories that inspired our product collections of 2014 so far! The inspiration behind our Classics With A Twist Collection comes from seeing an indescribable depth of beauty emerge from a completely unexpected twist of events. Just like Amanda's story, change can be scary and you may lose something good, but you'll always gain something BETTER.

    After a beautiful ceremony and cocktail hour underway a bride's,
    biggest fear became a reality for me... Dark clouds filled the sky and guests started running for cover.
    What I thought was going to be 
    one of the best days of my life was soon to be destroyed.
    I looked out the window to see tables being tossed in the air, vases shattering into pieces
    and speakers being held down by my guests. It was a nightmare. My eyes filled up with tears and
    I looked to the one person I knew that could make me feel better, the man I married that day,
    my husband. He told me everything was going to be ok and although I did not believe him in that moment,
    it put a smile on my face. For what felt like an eternity, the rain finally stopped and the sun started to
    peek through the clouds. A heavy weight immediately lifted off my shoulders. My husband took my hand and
    squeezed it tight. We stepped on to the porch and right before our eyes, there were two breathtaking rainbows.
    In that moment, I knew that as long as I had my husband by my side everything was going to be ok.
    Sure enough, we had the time of our lives that night.
    -Amanda Kelleher

    Our Classics With A Twist Collection is inspired by moments where the calm comes AFTER the storm. You will find beautiful pieces in the collection that may seem different, but they still cherish the classic style that you know and love.

    Click here to find a twist to your classic moment.

    NECR 2014 New Products | Classics With A Twist Collection



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