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What dimensions should I submit my banner file?

Banner files must be scaled to a ratio of 12 to 1 so that 1 foot equals 1 inch.

For example, if a banner is ordered at 8' x 4' then the file itself should be created at 8" x 4" with a bleed of .125" (1/8") around the entire perimeter so that the final dimensions are 8.25" x 4.25".

At what resolution should I submit my banner file?

For optimal print quality files should be submitted at 1200 DPI (resolution), but a minimum of 150 DPI (resolution).

The further away and object is the lower the resolution can be. Depending on the distance the banner is being viewed, we recommend the following:

  • < 5 feet = 1200 dpi
  • > 5 feet = 900 dpi
  • > 10 feet = 600 dpi
  • > 50 feet = 300 dpi


What file type do you recommend for the best banner printing results?

Vector files exported from Illustrator, such as EPS or PDF will produce the highest quality banner print. When submitting vector files please be sure to follow all of recommend guidelines for fonts and flattening transparencies found here.

Do banner files require the same bleed and text safety guidelines as regular printing files?

ALL FILES REQUIRE A BLEED in order to prevent the image or text from being cutoff.

Any banner must have a .125" (1/8") bleed on every edge to allow any background texture or color to extend fully to the edge of your banner.

TEXT must also be kept 1/8" inside the finished dimension to ensure that no text is trimmed or appears right along the edge of your banner.

Please note that if your banner uses hardware or grommets, put all text and design elements at least 1/3" inside of the cut line to prevent anything from being cutoff.

Can I pick up my order?

Banners may be picked up from our Hanover, Massachusetts facility or delivered via mail service.

NECR | 100 Wearguard Drive, Hanover, MA 02339
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